Saturday, September 24, 2011

Not sharks, but their bite hurts

Be alert to attention deficit disorder in kids

Singapore: a capital choice for the world

Einstein's Physics law challenged... Scientists clock particle going faster than the speed of light

Superb interest in F1 overseas

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Briton says bye after 32 years at Hwa Chong

Set policy on homework and stick to it

Towards a values-driven education

Schools to stress value and character-building

Docs find better way to transplant corneas

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Seeing again: new method of cornea replacement

Slim chance of gambler seeking help

Cleanliness: time to re-educate

Typhoon Roke rocks Japan

Chinese national to hang for cabby's murder

Emergency procedures follow after mishap

'Super Trees' for a super park

Asian giants edging towards confrontation?

Progress of SEA Games Sports City in Palembang, Indonesia

Stop gambling addicts from sinking

Singapore grand prix 2011 (4)

Singapore grand prix 2011 (2)

Singapore grand prix 2011

The A-Z of Seletar Aerospace park

China scraps dog meat festival

Mandelson calling on PM Lee and former MM Lee

Energy Crunch

UFO sighting over China sky?

School dropout who became president

School dropout who became president

Nanny states don't make babies, loving couples do

Thursday, September 1, 2011

President Tan will measure up to expectations

'I have no doubt President Tan will measure up to expectations.'

MR K. SABESAN: 'Once again, voters have shown their political pragmatism and picked Dr Tony Tan as Singapore's seventh president. Voting in Dr Tan was apt, bearing in mind his significant economic expertise and public service record. Last Saturday's presidential election showed that while Singaporeans no longer wish to have a figurehead as their head of state, we do not wish to see confrontational politics involving the presidential, executive and legislative branches either, which a small nation like ours can ill-afford. Voters have shown that they prefer an elected president who will check the Government privately without paralysing routine governance. At the hustings, the three other candidates had made suggestions that are worth considering. The most important suggestion is that of issuing an annual statement of the work done by the president's office. Another is to scrutinise public appointments to ensure that a single person does not hold multiple appointments. I have no doubt that President Tony Tan will measure up to the changing expectations of Singaporeans and perform effectively as our head of state.'


Mr Chang C.L.


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