Sunday, October 23, 2011

10 scandals that shocked and shamed China

PM urges young people: Be volunteers

Concern over use of propofol in clinics

His 'heart in his bag'

Save your savings

Living life with no regrets

Resistance to English may be futile

Why sexy chick won't get the job

Father and son act

Next-door strangers

Tunnel crawl death

Doc a veteran of 'over 550' procedures

A planet is born

Flash floods hit Little India, Ang Mo Kio

World's smallest ironman

Understanding Occupy Wall Street

Jobs 'regretted delaying surgery for cancer'

Clock is taking for men to be dads

IQ can change in teen years

SIF has inspired others: ESM Goh ( singapore international foundation )

Singapore to watch rice harvest in wake of Thai floods

Family spends $80k on businessman's funeral (!!!)

Hitting the reset button ( related to PM Lee's speech )

MOE reviewing high-stake exams

Happiness index can be a supplement to GDP

Storm in a water tank

See meritocracy widely -- with many models of achievement

Happiness doesn't make good policy

One man, 39 wives, 94 children, 33 grandchildren