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Road wars: When bullies turn violent


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Nov 29, 2010

Road wars: When bullies turn violent

  • Oct 15: A man was jailed for six weeks for head-butting and punching a cabby who refused to move off at a traffic light.

    Chong Chieh, 38, was a passenger in his friend's car when it stopped behind a taxi. When the light turned green, the cabby did not move off because he was waiting for a customer to walk over. Chong got out and confronted the cabby, accusing him of making a rude hand gesture. He then head-butted and punched him.

  • July 7: A salesman was jailed for five weeks and fined $2,000 after losing his temper following a minor road accident.

    Loo Ngiap Chin, 34, had a small collision with a doctor driving a BMW. He became angry and broke the BMW's tail lights, side mirror and windscreen wiper.

    Police have the following advice for those who encounter road bullies:

  • Remain calm and maintain your own safe driving habits
  • Do not respond in an aggressive or reckless manner
  • Maintain a safe driving distance from the other vehicle
  • Do not get into a face-to-face confrontation with the road bully or agitate him further with confrontational gestures.
  • Note down the vehicle number and file a report with the police.


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