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Cracks on Adam Road cause 'massive' traffic jams - Channel NewsAsia

Cracks on Adam Road cause 'massive' traffic jams - Channel NewsAsia

Cracks on Adam Road cause 'massive' traffic jams

Road crack on Adam Road
A crack appears on Adam Road causing jams on Friday morning (Jun 1), seen in this photo circulating on social media.
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SINGAPORE: Cracks on Adam Road caused a "massive" traffic jam in the area, as well as along Lornie Road on Friday morning (Jun 1).

The road was partially closed for about two hours while it was being repaired.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) said in a statement that it discovered the cracks at about 8am on Friday along a stretch of Adam Road towards Queensway after the MacRitchie Flyover.

Motorists were warned in the morning via the Expressway Monitoring Advisory System (EMAS) that there was a "massive jam" on Adam Road due to an "uneven road".

A video and photo sent to Channel NewsAsia showed a large crack across two lanes and depressions on the road before the entrance to the Pan-Island Expressway on Adam Road.

Motorist Augustine Low, 33, said that the traffic jam appeared to begin from Braddell Road and extended until Adam Road.

"It took me about 20 minutes on a motorcycle to clear the road. Normally it takes me five minutes," Mr Low told Channel NewsAsia. 

"Two out of four lanes were immediately closed to facilitate repairs," confirmed an LTA spokesperson.

LTA also posted updates on their social media accounts warning motorists of heavy traffic on Adam Road because of an "obstacle".

Obstacle on Adam Road (towards Queensway) after MacRitchie viaduct

— LTATrafficNews (@LTAtrafficnews)

SBS Transit cautioned commuters that bus services like 52, 74, 93, 157, 165, 852 were delayed along Adam Road towards Queensway due to "urgent roadworks".

Please be informed that Services 52, 74, 93, 157, 165, 852 are delayed along Adam Road towards Queensway due to urgent road works.

— SBS Transit (@SBSTransit_Ltd)

LTA later added that all the lanes were re-opened to the public at around 9.55am after it was deemed to be "safe for use". It also said investigations into the cause of the crack are ongoing.

lta fixed road
An image showing the repaired road on Adam Road after a large crack appeared earlier on Friday (Jun 1) morning. (Photo: LTA)


In a media statement on Friday evening, the LTA said that the cracks were caused by water that had accumulated at the roadside due to heavy rain and were not due to nearby construction works. 

"The built-up pressure from the water caused the temporary section of the road to heave, thus resulting in the cracks on the road surface," LTA said, adding that the cracks "do not pose any structural risks". 

LTA Adam Road cracks illustration

The authority also said the water had been drained before re-opening the lanes. 

"To prevent any further similar incidents, LTA's contractor has implemented preventative measures to ensure water is drained away at all times to reduce the risk of accumulation of water at the road side," LTA said. 

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